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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2005

Gnate and Nate?

My writing this week hasn’t been shedding Isiah Thomas’ latest move in a positive light. However one day after the draft would be a foolish time to continue to rain on the Knicks. Just one day after the draft Channing Frye is a future All Star, Nate Robinson is the backup PG that is better than half the starters in the league, and David Lee is going walk right in & fill Kurt Thomas’ shoes. In fact despite railing on the deal just a few days ago, I was pretty excited when I heard that the Kurt Thomas trade was …continue reading

A Question For The Readers

I’ve noticed that I get a good amount of intelligent comments to my blog, so I’m going to open up the floor. This isn’t aimed at anyone, but one common thread I’ve heard in regards to the Kurt Thomas-Quentin Richardson trade (both here and on various message boards) is that the Knicks got good value considering what they gave up. My question is: is this a fair argument considering that Isiah Thomas is the one that signed Kurt to that deal in the first place? If you agree that signing a 32 year old PF to a 5 year deal …continue reading

Richardson Deal More of the Same

Looking at Isiah Thomas’ trades one-by-one, it’s hard to find many that I’d throw in the ‘losing’ pile. It’s hard to argue with getting a talent like Stephon Marbury, especially considering what New York gave up. Trading Keith Van Horn was an unpopular move, but Nazr Mohammed’s development made the deal a steal for New York. While trading him a year later looked bad in the short term, the Knicks received two draft picks to potentially rebuild upon. I’m sure there wasn’t a wet eye in the house when Clarence Weatherspoon was sent to Houston, Shandon Anderson was bought out, …continue reading

Addios 2005!

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs. Even though they were the team just about everyone selected when the season started, it wasn’t an easy road to the championship. Detroit proved to be a better team than most people expected. There is an interview with Charlie Rosen the author of “The Pivotal Season: How the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers Changed the NBA” on You think is taken?

All’s Well That Ends Well

Just a short time ago things looked bleak for the NBA. The two most intriguing teams, Phoenix and Miami, were eliminated from the playoffs. The 2005 NBA Finals were to feature two defensive stalwarts, the Pistons and the Spurs. While these teams are the best at preventing other teams from scoring, the New York Sun’s Martin Johnson pointed out that this type of matchup is lost to the average viewer. (And questioned why defensive guru-turned tv analyst Hubie Brown doesn’t explain the finer points of the game while on the air). In fact my visiting father-in-law, who is not a …continue reading

Chatting About Phil & The Lakers

[15:47] Me: be interesting to see how he does with a “bad” team[15:48] Friend1: just like bulls of old[15:48] Friend1: one star and roll players[15:48] Me: Well one & a half[15:48] Friend1: odom is 1/2 ?[15:49] Me: lol[15:49] Me: no Jordan = 1.5 stars AND [15:48] Friend2: my guess is that Phil thinks he sees something there[15:50] Me: Yeah Phil sees something there that none of us do – Jeanie Buss naked[15:50] Friend2: Anyone can see Jeanie Buss naked — she posed for Playboy So Knick fans can start talking about P.J., Saunders, Larry Brown, Laimbeer, and of course Herb …continue reading