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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: May 2005

I Don’t Mind Losing

The West is over. The Phoenix Suns, or their fans, are out of excuses. Apparently, the Suns didn’t have enough rest between their Friday night OT win to end round 2 against the Mavericks and game 1 the following Sunday against the Spurs. In the second game, Phoenix was still smarting from the loss of Joe Johnson when they lost by 3 against Emperor Popovich and Darth Defense. Yesterday the Spurs won by 10, and I’m sure Joe Johnson was still rusty. Or it was playing on the road. Or just a couple of shots here or there. One of …continue reading

Brrr?. Is There a Draft in Here? (Episode II: The Frontcourt)

[If you missed Episode I click here. David Crockett is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at] I the previous Episode I identified the backcourt as the team’s highest priority heading into the off-season. Whether through the draft, a sign-and-trade, or with the mid-level salary slot the Knicks must find a way to improve their perimeter defense as well as shave Marbury’s and Crawford’s minutes. To that end, let’s take a look at the frontcourt. First up: the big guys. The Knicks ended the season with perhaps the highest percentage …continue reading

Sun’s Deep Hole Due To Lack Of Depth

I watched the game just like everyone else, and yes I would agree that the Suns lost because they couldn’t stop anyone in the final minutes. However that’s just scratching the surface of their problem. I’ve been told time and time again that comparing bench scoring is overrated because it’s usually the starters that do most of the damage. Nonetheless it’s hard to ignore that the Spurs’ reserves have outscored their counterparts 50-21 in this series. The reason the Suns are down 2-0 is their lack of depth. There are 3 reasons that the teams in the NBA don’t consist …continue reading

NBA Playoffs: Episode 3

Watching game 1 of the third round on Sunday, I couldn’t help to think of how these two teams couldn’t be any more different. The Spurs defense has been ranked #1 for two years now, and over the last two years have held a Vader-like stranglehold on opposing teams. In fact their defense hasn’t been worse than 3rd since 1997. While many people would attribute the defensive shift with the arrival of Tim Duncan, 1998 also coincided with Gregg Popovich’s first full season as head coach. The two have been the only constants over that 7 year period. While there …continue reading

Round 2: NBA Blogger’s Bracket

With 2 rounds in the books, let’s take a look at the KnickerBlogger NBA bracket standings. Rank Name Round1 ER2T1 ER2T2 WR2T1 WR2T2 Round2 Total 1 Kevin Broom 41 7 7 5 5 24 65 2 Kevin 37 5 7 5 7 24 61 3.5 Mr.BB 36 7 5 5 7 24 60 3.5 Ron Hitley 36 5 7 7 5 24 60 5.5 Roland 44 5 5 0 5 15 59 5.5 KnickerBlogger 35 5 7 5 7 24 59 7 Kelly Dwyer 41 7 5 0 5 17 58 8 Matt Bernhardt 34 7 7 0 5 19 …continue reading

Brrr?. Is There a Draft in Here?

[While KnickerBlogger has been ignoring his blog by shmoozing it up with close friends visiting from out of town, KnickerBlogger’s Head College Expert David Crockett has been busy thinking about the Knicks future. In an attempt to become the Mel Kiper Jr. of the NBA, “Dr. C.” has gone over the Knicks’ needs for the June draft. David Crockett is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at] On May 24th the 2005 Draft Lottery will take place in the NBA studios. At that time the Knicks will know where they …continue reading

Under Pressure

“Down 2-0, the pressure is on the Sonics to win game 3 in Seattle.”“The Sonics eked out a victory, but the pressure is still on them to tie the series up.”“With the Spurs heading back to San Antonio at 2-2, the pressure is back on them to win and maintain home field advantage.” Can someone name a situation in the playoffs where there is no pressure on both teams? I can’t imagine a single scenario where there is stress on one team but not the other. Even before the opening tip, there is stress on both teams to win game …continue reading