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Friday, April 20, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2005

I Had A Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was watching the Knicks on tv (and being affected by the Time Warner blackout, that itself made it a good dream). The starting lineup included Butler at center, Sweetney at power forward, and Trevor Ariza at SF. I don’t think the game resolved in my sleep, but it didn’t really matter. The Knicks were rebuilding in a proper fashion and I could rest knowing that we would be relying on our youth and aiming for free agency in 2007. There would be no ruining the franchise with a get rich quick scheme. …continue reading

Three Days

Only three days left in the NBA’s regular season! * The best race left is in the East, with the 76ers, Nets, and Cleveland fighting for the final two spots. If the three teams were high school seniors, New Jersey would be the guy who decided to straighten himself out so that he could graduate. The Nets have done everything they can to make the big dance, by taking 8 of their last 10, including beating Philly on Sunday. Meanwhile the Cavs are like the B+ student that suddenly started to run with the wrong crowd. LeBron James went from …continue reading

The Sun Also Rises

Last October I interviewed the author of the Basketball Forecast series John Hollinger. I only knew John from those books, his website (, his Sports Illustrated columns, and some interaction on the old APBR_metrics site. Wondering if I could coax some more writing out of my favorite hoops author, I asked him if he would be reporting on a more frequent basis. John’s response:Well, I write two columns a week for the New York Sun, so since you’re in the Big Apple that’s a big fat yes. Otherwise, I’ll be doing a weekly piece for overcoming my embarrassment of …continue reading

KnickerBlogger Has No Heart

The good news about leaving a comment on my blog is that I may write a whole column on it. The bad news is when I disagree with your premise. The other day I wrote this little tidbit after the Knicks lost to the Nets: I usually scoff at the notion that the Knicks needed more players with heart (I believe talent trumps all), but this team has me nearly converted. To which a Knick fan named “Ted” commented with: Ya “talent trumps all” that’s why the Trail-Blazers won so many titles in the 90s and the Lakers beat the …continue reading

Four Reasons Knicks Fans Loved Sunday’s Game

1. Blackout AvertedThanks to the schedule maker, Knick fans suffering under Time Warner and MSG’s bickering were able to watch their favorite team on television. The Knicks-Pacers game was nationally broadcasted on ABC, giving New Yorkers who opted to stay home on a pleasant weekend day to perform spring cleaning ample entertainment. 2. Indiana PacersAlthough last week’s game was billed as Miller’s last in New York, yesterday’s game was Reggie’s final against the Knicks. While the two teams are no longer vying for Eastern Conference bragging rights, there is still some life left in the rivalry. Just having Reggie Miller …continue reading

Knicks 98 New Jersey 110

It’s official. No the Knicks aren’t mathematically eliminated, but they’ve given up on the season. I’ve watched the last 2 games, which considering that Time Warner and MSG haven’t settled their little blackout spat is a near miracle. Their play has been nothing short of embarrassing. The Knicks have come out flatter than Pope Urban VIII’s globe. While the Knicks defense is normally bad, they’ve given up on stopping their opponents. They’ve let the Pacers shoot 53% (eFG) on Tuesday and the Nets 56% on Thursday. When you let Brian Scalabrine run up the court flexing his arms after an …continue reading

No Horns On Luther’s Head

I love watching sports arguing shows. Ok not all of them. It’ll be a long time before I willingly turn on Mike and the Angry Puppy on my television or radio again. Instead I’ll admit that I prefer watching either “PTI” or “Around the Horn.” Now before my loyal readers decide to erase KnickerBlogger.Net from their bookmarks, I don’t watch these shows for the “intelligent sports banter”. Like people of an earlier generation who watched Siskel & Ebert, I tune in for the arguing. While “sports talk” that degrades into “sports yelling” is entertaining, it’s also valueable from a rhetorical …continue reading