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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: April 2005

Three Things

1. Thanks to “moneyp” on the APBRmetrics web page. I thought I shut down my server from downloading stats for my stat page. However, I only turned off the player pages, not the team pages. Hence the playoff teams were being judged by their playoff stats in the team stat pages. I fixed it yesterday, and now the final stats for the 2004 season are up. The good news is since it’s apparently possible for my “program” to run the stats for the playoffs, I might just do that. 2. The NBA Carnival has arrived at Forum Blue & Gold. …continue reading

My Final Four

DetroitOffense: 102.8 (17th)Defense: 98.0 (3rd)Net: +4.8 The Pistons don’t scare their opponents like they did last year. The most frightful thing heading into the Palace has become the fans, not the players. The reason this year’s squad doesn’t command the same respect is two fold. First the defense just isn’t as good as it was last year. After acquiring Rasheed Wallace, the Pistons defense was one of the best of all time. A year later the third ranked defense is super, but not dominant. The second difference between last year’s championship team and this year’s version is the depth. The …continue reading

Notes on the KnickerBlogger Bracket Contest

If you don’t know about the KnickerBlogger Bracket Contest, you can scroll down and read about it. * I forgot to add Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold. Kurt picked all the favorites in the first round, save for Sacramento in 6. The Laker fan also has the Spurs taking out the Pistons in 7. Sorry Kurt! I’ll go back & add you in to yesterday’s post. * Although Detroit, Phoenix, San Antonio and Miami were unanimously selected to win their first round matchup, the Heat were the only team that all the prognosticators picked to win their second round …continue reading

KnickerBlogger 2005 NBA Playoff Brackets Contest

Welcome to the second annual KnickerBlogger NBA Playoff Brackets Contest. This long standing tradition dates back to last year, where a field of 8 NBA experts donned their Carnac the magician hats before gazing into their crystal ball. These sages dared to envision the future, and use their vast hoops knowledge to predict the next NBA champion. Unfortunately none of the soothsayers chose the Detroit Pistons to take the title, but that hasn’t deterred us from trying again this year. This year I’ve widened my search in the hopes that someone can get the darn thing right. The benefit for …continue reading

KnickerBlogger’s Playoff Picks

East Round 1Miami in 5Detroit in 4Boston in 7Washington in 6 West Round 1Phoenix in 5San Antonio in 6Seattle in 6Dallas in 5 East Round 2Miami in 5Detroit in 6 West Round 2Phoenix in 7San Antonio in 6 Conference FinalsMiami in 5San Antonio in 6 FinalsSan Antontio in 6Final Game Score 94-85

2005 First Round Notes

Thanks For PlayingThe Nets wonderful “end of the season run” will itself end once they get run over by Shaq Diesel. Being a Knick fan, I’m just not big on resting all your hopes on an injured shooting guard coming back to the rescue. Even if Jefferson were healthy, he’s not good enough to make the 8th seed all of a sudden topple the best team in the East. Also extending their season for only one more week are Memphis, Philly, and Denver. George Karl will have his seventh first round exit 20 years after the first. Pondering in SeattleA …continue reading

Carnival: A to Z

If you don’t know what a Carnival is, click here. Otherwise welcome to KnickerBlogger’s NBA Carnival. I dedicate this to the Pixies who in the late 80s did their concerts A to Z. Meaning they took all the songs they wanted to play that night, and arranged their setlist in alphabetical order. We’ll start with All That Jazz who features a bunch of Gleeman-length blogs, the latest being “Jazz Ride Rollercoaster to Victory“. Moving midwest, Bulls Blog climbs out of his sick bed long enough to check out what swingmen might be available this offseason. Stopping his division winning shimmy …continue reading