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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Monthly Archives: March 2005

“So when can I expect your post evaluating the Sonics’ title chances?”

That was the question asked of me in the middle of February by Kevin Pelton. You might remember Mr. Pelton from such KnickerBlogger guest posts as “Steve Nash For MVP?” and a 6 part “Knicks Roster Analysis” during last summer. Two weeks prior, I named 5 teams I thought could win the championship: the Spurs, Heat, Suns, Mavericks, and Pistons. Despite their record, Seattle didn’t make the cut. So I guess I owe my guest blogger and the rest of Sonic-nation a little explanation. Admittedly, Seattle has a lot going for it this year. They hold the 4th best record …continue reading

The CBA Knicks

After his trades last week, many people called Isiah Thomas a few cards short of a full deck. When the dust cleared, the Knicks President found himself a few players short of a full roster. Surprised that the CBA was still in existence, Isiah grabbed two players from the league to fill out the Knicks roster. Jermaine Jackson spent 4 years at Detroit Mercy, and went undrafted in 1999. His NBA experience is limited to a sparse 84 games over 3 seasons for Detroit, Toronto, and Atlanta. Outside of the NBA, the well traveled Jackson played for the USBL, 4 …continue reading

Steve Nash for MVP? (Part II)

[This is Part II of a two-part column by KnickerBlogger Head West Coast Analyst Kevin Pelton analyzing Steve Nash’s season and MVP chances. Please read Part I if you haven’t already by scrolling down or clicking here. Kevin serves as the Sonics and Storm beat writer for SUPERSONICS.COM and He formerly wrote the APBRmetric “Page 23″ column for] I left off Monday by drawing the conclusion that Steve Nash’s 2004-05 season is statistically very similar to John Stockton’s prime years. Based on that, it may be illuminating to look at Stockton’s MVP performance. The short-shorted one peaked in …continue reading

Knicks Improvement From An Unlikely Source

Whether or not you cared for Isiah’s trade deadline moves, there is one thing that everyone agreed on. Trading Nazr Mohammed for two undersized forwards would make the Knicks worse down the stretch. It was the equivalent of running up the white flag on the 2005 season. However, a funny thing happened as teams made their way to the Garden. The Knicks have sent three straight opponents home with losses. While all three of their opponents are still in the playoff hunt, none would be considered great teams. In addition, each team was missing a player due to trade or …continue reading