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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: March 2005


Flash back to the trade deadline. The 76ers finally get a second talented offensive player to team up with Allen Iverson. That day Chris Webber was the “huge trade” and everything else was just a byline. The deal was supposed to propel Philly to the top of the Atlantic division. However since February 24th, the Sixers have only gone 6-7, and find themselves sputtering in second place. Just before the trade deadline the division rival Celtics sent point guard Gary Payton, a first round pick, and some belly lint for Antoine Walker. That Boston wanted the 7 year Celtic back …continue reading

Random Thoughts on the Madness: Day One

Best Round 1 Game: West Virginia (7) vs Creighton (10) These two teams have statistical profiles that are nearly identical. I bet if they played 10 times each team would win 5. I picked Creighton on my sheet but figured this was the game most likely to come down to one play late, and what a play it was! How great is it that a kid, who was having a wretched game, blocks a jump shot and gets the game winning dunk on the other end? In the words of one great American sage, ?Schweet!? Biggest Round 1 Dud: Alabama …continue reading

On Vacation

Sorry folks, being on vacation doesn’t lend itself to nba blogging, especially when you’re at a place is without internet access. The big addition this year is the carb friendly and vegetarian items to the pub menu. That means modern eating trends are higher on the list than the greatest information device since the Library at Alexandria. Sigh. I’ll be back at full speed by next week.

This Is Not a Stats Primer

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of new readers to my little corner of the blogosphere. To my new audience I say “Hi mom & dad, sorry for changing your browser start-up page.” Since the basketball stat community is new on the scene, a lot of the numbers I use here are still unknown to the general public. Unless you’ve been here for a while, or you’re already an insider on the APBRmetric scene, you might not be comfortable with all the terms on KB.Net. This is where you expect me to do a whole big write-up on the stats I …continue reading

Keep a Close Watch on the Madness for Us (Part II)

[For Part I of David Crockett’s two part piece scroll down, unless you’re the type that likes to read the ending first.] Small Forwards Player Team Yr PPG RPG APG eFG% FTM/FGA Gomes, Ryan Prov. SR 21.7 8.2 3.3 55.0 24 Thompson, Dijon UCLA SR 18.2 8.1 2.2 53.2 29 Warrick, Hakim Syracuse SR 21.2 8.2 1.6 56.2 45 Caner-Medley, Nik Maryland JR 16.7 5.9 2.1 52.7 23 Granger, Danny New Mexico SR 18.3 8.5 2.3 59.8 44 Williams, Jawad North Carolina SR 14.4 4.0 1.5 62.4 30 Williams, Marvin North Carolina FR 11.3 6.5 0.8 55.9 56 Graham, Joey …continue reading

Keep a Close Watch on the Madness for Us (Part I)

[Leaving for my mini-vacation on Friday I thought I had everything in order. I had some columns pre-written to be published while I was away, and my new TIVO-esque creation was ready to record the Knicks game on Tuesday. I planned to watch the game upon arrival Wednesday night & publish something about it today. Unfortunately cruel fate stepped in & the Knicks blackout instead left me with some boringly faux-NBA show. Luckily I was greeted to a huge post in my mailbox from guest-blogger David Crockett, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Crockett …continue reading

Zeke’s Eye For The Draftee Guy

Being maxxed out on cap space and having little left in trade bait, the Knicks future is directly tied to the draft. If New York is this bad next year, they’ll have two mid/high lottery picks and two very late first rounders in which to improve their team. Although the Knicks have had recent success in the draft with Sweetney and Ariza, their history has been more Jerrod Mustaf than Charlie Ward. A few infamous moments in New York draft history over the last decade: 2002 – Knicks trade the #7 pick, Nene Hilario, for Antonio McDyess, and then select …continue reading