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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: March 2005

When Driving, Give Jamal The Green Light

According to the New York Post: Knicks guard Jamal Crawford (16 points, 9 assists) sounded like a lost soul after Monday’s loss in Golden State. During an emotional ramble, Crawford admitted he was trying to change his game to fit the system. “Honestly, I think I’m confused,” Crawford said. “I’m thinking too much. It’s hard to play when you’re thinking like that. I’m a player who plays off instinct. It’s tough when I’m out there because my teammates get on me about shooting [more] shots. So now I’m over-thinking instead of just playing. I don’t want to shoot too much. …continue reading

Forum Blue & Gold

[With the Knicks travelling to Los Angeles, today’s guest blog is Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold, a Lakers blog. KnickerBlogger’s article appears on his site today.] Let me just say, as the guy behind the Laker blog Forum Blue and Gold, I think Knicks fans everywhere are going to enjoy watching the Lakers tonight. Well, at least enjoy watching your team beat the Lakers. Fans from all over the country are enjoying giving the Lakers a swift kick as they fall from the NBA Finals to wondering who to send to Secaucus in May. And I don?t blame them, …continue reading

Knicks 101 Sonics 109

Due to a series of fortunate events I was able to catch the Knicks-Sonics game from late Friday night. First my PVR was functioning reliably, giving me the ability to record the game. Second, the game was nationally televised which circumvented the TimeWarner/MSG blackout that has robbed me of one of my favorite pastimes. Of course Time Warner is refunded me two dollars for my inconvenience. If anyone knows a place in NYC where I can watch every Knick game in a month for $2, I’m all ears. Excluding Friday’s foray into the lighter side of the music realm, the …continue reading

Gleeman’s iPod Shuffle

The first blog I ever came across was Aaron Gleeman’s Baseball Blog. I’ve been a regular for at least 2 years, but to this day I’m not sure how I ran across his page. Most likely I found it either through Rob Neyer’s message board (when he was still free & the board more or less fanboy free) or baseballprimer (when you didn’t have to register). Aaron’s blog is not only one of the longest running sports blogs, but very likely the best. He’s working on many different side projects from to to his own coalition of bloggers …continue reading

Not So Sweet N Low

I apologize for my last “whatever it was – it wasn’t a column” thing I posted earlier today. In many aspects of life, inaction is better than doing something half-assed. And make no mistake, I would have spent another hour on last night’s “post” to bring it up to half-assed. So in today’s installment I continue with my favorite topic. When Nazr Mohammed was traded to the Spurs, one reason I thought it was a good move because it meant more playing time for underused Mike Sweetney. In the comments section of that article the following conversation transpired: Matt (Bulls …continue reading

No Knicks On TV = This Column

According to the Daily News today, Magic Johnson was quoted as saying: “He came here to put his own stamp on this situation. I think that’s why you’re seeing so many changes, because (Isiah) wants to get his team in here – the guys he feels can be successful,” Johnson said yesterday. “But I can say this, it takes a while to build chemistry. So when you make a lot of changes, one thing that will suffer will be chemistry.” In the same article, Magic’s chooses the newly built Miami Heat to win the NBA championship. You’d think someone that …continue reading

Duncan Out Of MVP Race As Well?

On Monday Knick fans rejoiced upon hearing of Tim Duncan’s injury, but the missed time could knock the Spurs power forward out of the running for the most valuable player award. The early reports have Duncan out from 2 weeks to the rest of the regular the season. Even though San Antonio’s pitiful performance against New York underscores Tim-may’s importance to the team, if Duncan doesn’t suit up before the playoffs, 62 games on the season won’t be enough to make him a legitimate candidate. Since Duncan was my favorite to win the most valuable player award, it might be …continue reading