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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: February 2005

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Do you remember those kid books where they show a picture and ask you to find all the mistakes? Watching basketball this Sunday, I could do the same; find all the things that were wrong with the Knicks * Watching the Spurs play defenseNo wonder this is the best defensive team of all time. Duncan and Rasho man the middle, while the rest of the team swarms like an angry beehive. Few teams play defense with the intensity and energy of San Antonio. Although it was joyful to see a display of pride in stopping the opposition, my thoughts drifted …continue reading

Miami 116 New York 110 OT

[The analysis of last night’s game against the Heat comes from KnickerBlogger head correspondent David Crockett, Ph.D. David is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at] What a tough loss tonight in overtime to Miami. I suppose that Marbury’s 6 free throw misses deserve to be the story. That’s a rare poor night for him from the charity stripe. It was a good opportunity to steal a game though, especially with Shaq having an off night offensively. A Couple Of Thoughts: The Knicks need to display more diversity in the …continue reading

Isiah Thomas, Great or Very Good?

Maybe you have an opinion of Isiah Thomas as a player? (Right now I’d imagine there are plenty of people reading a Knicks blog that has an opinion on Isiah as a GM). Where exactly does he rank in comparison to the great NBA guards? A poster named “Nikos” asked this very question on the APBRmetric forum. So far the opinions are varying. “MikeG” has Zeke “squeamishly” ranked 7th among all guards, and indirectly described him as “[a] guy [who] is willing to penetrate, challenge the big guys, and set up teammates, that can make everyone’s game come easier.” One-time …continue reading Trivia Answer

Yesterday I posted the following question: In the last 5 seasons (’00 – ’04), who has gotten the most offensive rebounds per game (minimum 200 games)? A. Elton BrandB. Tim Duncan C. Kevin GarnettD. Shaquille O’NealE. Ben Wallace The answer is A. Elton Brand (4.32 OREB/G). Although his face adorns last year’s Basketball Forecast, the player dubbed by Steve Kerr as “The Susan Lucci of NBA players” is still looking to earn respect. Brand will most likely not be voted onto this year’s All Star Game, and you have to wonder if Elton would have this problem if he played …continue reading Interview

In the last 5 seasons (’00 – ’04), who has gotten the most offensive rebounds per game (minimum 200 games)? A. Elton BrandB. Tim Duncan C. Kevin GarnettD. Shaquille O’NealE. Ben Wallace For those who like a challenge, feel free to make your guess in the comments section. I’ll post the answer tomorrow, with a link on how to find it. The reason I’m in a trivial mood can be attributed to the fine options presented to me at If you haven’t been there in a few weeks, or even a few days, you probably haven’t seen the changes …continue reading

Top 5 Title Contenders

The NBA is just past the midway point, so I’d like to present my top 5 title contending teams. 5. Detroit Pistons – Now that they’re back to full strength, and their coach has stopped eyeing the Knick coaching vacancy like a teenage boy and his first Playboy, Detroit is back as a serious title contender. Staying atop of the Central is critical for their playoff chances. Just one game behind, King James and his sovereignty won’t make it easy for them. There are a group of intelligent people that think last year’s post-Rasheed Detroit was one of the best …continue reading

2004: A Good Year

The New York Knicks entered the first day of January 2004 with 14 wins and 19 losses on the 2003-2004 season. While they would lose 4 straight games to start the year, it would turn out to be a good year for the 32nd street crew. The Knicks went 25-24 the rest of the way and made the playoffs for the first time in 3 years. Against the New Jersey Nets in the playoffs, New York received a whooping the size of Tim Thomas’ lower back bruise. Still the Knicks improvement was celebrated by their fans, and the summer of …continue reading