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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Monthly Archives: February 2005

Five Reasons the Knicks Should Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline

[If you came here looking for Part 2 of “Five Stats The NBA Should Keep“, I apologize. KnickerBlogger.Net’s Official Trade Deadline Specialist, David Crockett, had an opinion that he urgently needed to share with everyone before the trade deadline. If pre-emptive scheduling angers you, David is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at Tomorrow Part 2 will be here, and that gives me extra time to speel cehck it.] 1. The Knicks have taken the crucial first step ? admitting it?s time to rebuild ? in their journey toward wholeness. …continue reading

Five Stats the NBA Should Keep (Part I)

1. Double Team Assists (DTA) Shaq gets the ball in the low post, so the opposition sends an extra player to defend him. O’Neal passes it out to Wade who is met by a rotating defender. Wade passes it to a wide open Eddie Jones, who drains the jumper without any defensive pressure. Eddie gets the points, Wade gets the assist, and Shaq gets a warm fuzzy feeling knowing he helped his teammates score. Obviously Eddie Jones wouldn’t have had 10 feet of real estate to get his shot off if not for the double team Shaq draws. So let’s …continue reading

Happy Presidents Day

With my right arm busy patting myself on the back for predicting Iverson as the ASG MVP and my left arm busy shoveling snow, there’ll be no column today. So maybe somebody else will have plenty of stuff for you to read, or maybe you spend this holiday reflecting on some of the great achievements of mankind. Come back tomorrow where I promise to have more of my writing, and until then have a Happy Presidents’ Day!

All Star Game MVP Odds

EASTG *Allen Iverson G *LeBron James F *Grant Hill F *Vince Carter C *Shaquille O’Neal F Antawn Jamison F Ben Wallace G Dwyane Wade G Gilbert Arenas F Jermaine O’Neal F Paul Pierce C Zydrunas IlgauskasShaq – None of the West’s centers other than Yao matchup physically against the Big Diesel. Working against Shaq is his jovial nature. Usually the Big Diesel works better with a little motivation, but everything is coming up roses for Shaq. His team is thriving after the Laker’s divorce, and he just won his second ASG MVP last year. MVP Probability: Low Allen Iverson – …continue reading

Stats & The Straight Dope

If there is anything I enjoy most, it’s setting people straight when they’ve been misinformed. So let’s remove any doubt from the following facts: * Man Walked on the Moon* Dinosaurs Walked the Earth (the first two are for Carl Everett)* Sylvia Browne has no special powers (unless you think convincing people you have special powers is a special power)* Billy Beane did not write Moneyball* Eventually there will be a Nuns Gone Wild (link rated PG) But what about per minute stats in the NBA? What can they tell us about a player? Doing a quick search on the …continue reading

Sweetney, Kurt Thomas, and Feedback

A few weeks ago, I added a link for comments to my webpage to get some feedback from my readers. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. At that time I was blogging in a vacuum, only getting feedback by email, and for the most part people won’t email you unless: * You really really pissed them off.* They really really agree with you.* They want you to link to their blog/fan page/message board/scalper site.* They want to sell you all-natural pills that will make your breasts bigger. The first two are always welcome, the third is tolerated, and as …continue reading

John Hollinger to Join ESPN!

If they keep this up, ESPN is going to have to change their name to ESPMN. The “M” would stand for Moneyball, for the controversial book that chronicled the stat-centric Oakland Athletics front office. Today Moneyball is synonymous with any type of sports statistical analysis. For years Rob Neyer has been the main attraction of ESPN’s statistical writers. The former Bill James assistant is sabermetrics’ most popular author, bringing objective analysis of baseball to a main stream audience on a regular basis. Already having baseball’s best number-crunching author, ESPN is building a Moneyball monopoly by signing Neyer’s basketball’s equivalent. It …continue reading