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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: February 2005

Steve Nash For MVP? (Part I)

[Today’s column is brought to us from KnickerBlogger Head West Coast Analyst Kevin Pelton, who serves as the Sonics and Storm beat writer for SUPERSONICS.COM and He formerly wrote the APBRmetric “Page 23” column for] When Steve Nash unofficially ascended to the role of NBA MVP candidate, if not favorite, early this season, the response of the statistical community that follows the league was more indifference than the harsh criticism heaped on Allen Iverson’s 2000-01 selection or Jason Kidd’s candidacy the following season. Still, you could probably find more APBRmetricians who believe the moon landing wasn’t real than …continue reading

Indiana 79 Knicks 90

Everyone was laughing at of Isiah Thomas and the Knicks for loading up on power forwards. Everyone, except the Indiana Pacers last night. Kurt Thomas was nearly unstoppable in the first half, finishing it off with two shots in the last 30 seconds, one a buzzer beater from the right wing. Thomas hit 6 of 8, and had 12 points by mid-game. His backup, Jerome Williams, had a dunkfest that would have made Chris Anderson jealous. The “Junk Yard Dog” had three massive jams, and tipped in a Marbury miss for 8 first half points. Williams did it all without …continue reading

Breaking Down the Knicks Deadline Deals? A Little More

[Today’s column was written by David Crockett, who has been taking note of the wild trade action, creating a new frontier on the NBA landscape. (You must be this old to get that joke.) David is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at] At the trade deadline the Knicks consummated two separate deals. If you?ve not had an opportunity to read the Knickerblogger?s excellent breakdown of the deals please do so. He does an especially good job of debunking the knee-jerk media tendency to ignore the importance of draft picks …continue reading

KnickerBlogger.Net’s Week In Review:

Just under this are two articles about the Knicks trades & the Sixers/Sacramento deal. For the scrollingly challenged, I leave links to each individual article. Tuesday: Five Stats the NBA Should Keep (Part I)Wednesday: Five Reasons the Knicks Should Stand Pat at the Trade DeadlineThursday (morning): Five Stats the NBA Should Keep (Part II)Thursday (night): Sixers Win Webber Deal In Name OnlyFriday: It’s Official: Knicks Are Rebuilding

It’s Official: Knicks Are Rebuilding

For weeks Isiah Thomas has talked about rebuilding the Knicks. With New York heading into their 4th straight losing season the fans talked about it as well. All the talk of remodeling was just that: talk. Today with the trading deadline winding down, the Knicks made two deals that put the official stamp on the deal. The New York Knicks have formally begun the rebuilding process. Chad Ford called both deals “awful” on ESPNNEWS, and a San Antonio Spurs Blog called Isiah Thomas a colossal idiot. However I think they’re not looking at the deals from a New Yorkers point …continue reading

Sixers Win Webber Deal In Name Only

[Tomorrow morning I will analyze the Knicks’ two trades completed this afternoon.] Anytime a trade includes only one big name, the immediate opinion is the team receiving that player is getting the better of the deal. It’s because in most sports the best players are most likely to turn a team into a winner. Just ask the L.A. Lakers or the Toronto Raptors. So when Philadelphia received mega-star Matt Barnes in a trade yesterday, the quick opinion was the Sixers made out on the deal. In a Yahoo poll, 75% of the readers selected “The Kings Blew it” (and yes …continue reading

Five Stats the NBA Should Keep (Part II)

[This is the second of a two part series. Part I contains stats 1-3, so just scroll down to read it, or click here for the scrolling impaired. At the time of this writing there is a news rumor that Chris Webber got traded to the 76ers for Kenny Thomas, Corliss Williamson, Brian Skinner, and a bunch of junk from Pat Croce’s garage. Considering the fiasco over the Carlos Boozer non-trade, and that three networks picked up the false story that Shaq’s season was over, I’m going to wait until it’s official to comment.] 4. Defensive Shooting Stats (DFGM, D3P, …continue reading