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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: January 2005

Football Envy

If you’re jealous that the football playoffs are in full swing & feel that the basketball season is too long, head over to your local satellite aided sports bar on Tuesday night at 9pm. Put on your favorite summer shirt, ask your local bartender to crank up the thermostat to June, and change the chanel on the closest wide screen tv to the Heat-Suns game. There you may catch a glimpse of the NBA Finals, as the Conference’s two best teams will go at it in Phoenix. The Miami Heat (27-9) were expected to challenge in a competetive Eastern conference …continue reading

Jerome Williams Starting SF?

According to my stat page, the Knicks have the 6th worst defense in the league. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has followed them this year, as they have failed to stop teams from scoring night after night. Even in yesterday’s 113-105 victory over the Blazers, Portland shot a blistering 60% (eFG). New York won not by a good defensive effort, but by outshooting them (61% eFG) and having a big edge from the free throw line (27 to 14). If the Knicks are going to compete with a lousy defense they’re going to need an offensive explosion …continue reading

The Beginning of the End?

Paging through the local fishwrap one might get the impression that Lenny Wilkens’s days patrolling the sidelines at Madison Square Garden are nearing an end. The team is reeling. Key players are injured. Stephon Marbury has allowed himself to be baited into a pointless back-and-forth with the media about his value relative to Jason Kidd’s. Worse, he’s being enabled in this insanity by Isiah Thomas. Speaking of insanity, Penny Hardaway has apparently asked to be traded. Is there suddenly a market for a rapidly declining swingman with a wrecking ball of a contract that I didn’t know about? Penny must …continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Pigskin

Cerebral – Not Just Physical – Domination Yeah, yeah. I know this is a Knicks/NBA blog but the day after the end of the college football season I wanted to say a few words about last night’s “National Championship” game. I suppose you all saw that beatdown last night in the Orange Bowl? Here’s what I find most intriguing about the lead up and the aftermath of the big game. Leading up, most of what I heard was about how OU was the more athletic, physical (i.e., macho) team, even if only slightly. In the aftermath of the beatdown commentators …continue reading


Hey guys I’m on vacation. This is the first internet access I’ve had in days. Dave should be guest blogging with something this week, so keep your eyes peeled. I’ve been out of the loop basketball-wise but while watching the Patriots game this weekend, the announcers (Curt Menefee & someone else) showed the all time leaders in QB win%. Of course #1 is Tom Brady. #2 is Jim McMahon. Surprisingly Curt said what an important stat that is. To me that’s just a cute little trivia question. But as for rating QBs, it’s generally useless. In baseball it makes more …continue reading