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Friday, March 22, 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2004

Jamal Giveth and Jamal Taketh Away

[Today’s entry comes to us from KnickerBlogger.Net’s Head Scout David Crockett, Ph.D who attended the Knicks/Bobcats game in person. He is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at] Anyway, not having looked at the box score or other numbers yet some general impressions. Marbury had a very poor game. First and foremost, he simply did not pass the ball well. One play was indicative of how off he was the entire game. In the third quarter he threw an underhanded shovel pass – one that had some mustard on it …continue reading

Non-Basketball Thoughts

If you want to read about basketball, just scroll past this little entry. I have a little write-up on the Orlando Magic, who face the Knicks tonight in New York. There’s just two quick non-basketball things I’d like to talk about. First an ethics question: Let’s say for your job, they give a test every year. Your salary is directly related to this test, where you could easily make 10 times your salary if you score very high. Of course your score is judged not only on the percentage you get right, but how you fare in comparison to the …continue reading

A Little Magic

Who would have thought that Friday night’s matchup would pit two first place Eastern Conference teams? While some prognosticators grudgingly predicted the Knicks as the default pick in the Atlantic, the trendy picks in the Southeast were Miami and Washington. Right now both teams are behind Orlando in the standings, the surprise team of the early season. Why would anyone have picked the Orlando Magic to capture their division? Last year the Magic finished dead last, winning only 1 in every 4 games. Their defense was by far the worst in the league. During the offseason, their franchise player McGrady …continue reading

Memphis 82 New York 90

Thanks to a good friend, I was able to watch tonight’s game from section 133. Some notes from the game: When you enter the garden there is a huge (30 – 50 feet?) poster of about 6 or 7 Knicks. There’s the recognizable Knicks, Marbury, Thomas, etc. But one of them is Vin Baker. Do you think the one in Memphis has Tsakalidis in it? Sweetney blocked a Gasol shot, and was the recipient of his hard work on the break for 2 easy points. Very impressive for him to block a taller player’s shot & hustle down the court …continue reading