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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Monthly Archives: December 2004

Half-Man Half-Net

According to ESPN, the Nets have acquired Vince Carter for Alonzo Mourning cousin’s liver, two guys named Williams, and 2 first rounders. Yesterday in the New York Sun, John Hollinger wrote the Nets’ pitiful offense is directly related to not having any production out of the SG spot. Coincidence? KnickerBlogger is investigating. More seriously, I’m going to have to check out Scott’s page for a purple spin on the deal. This offers them little to no immediate cap relief. Zo’s contract and one of the Williams’ are 3 years each, and the other Williams has a 2 year deal. The …continue reading

PER Leaders (12/17/04)

And a special thanks to Blogger for taking a nice looking table, and forcing me to use the format below. :-P TEAM NAME………… POS GAMES MIN/G PTS/40 eFG FT PSA FT/FG PERSAS Tim Duncan…… FC 23 35.2 27 51.9 67.5 1.13 36 30.8MIN Kevin Garnett… F 22 39.8 23.5 48.6 76.1 1.08 30 29.89DAL Dirk Nowitzki… PF 23 38.6 27.5 47.4 85.7 1.14 47 27.9PHO Amare Stoudemire FC 22 36.4 28.3 57.5 71.1 1.25 43 27.87CLE LeBron James…. SF 23 41.4 23.7 51.6 76.7 1.13 26 26.74MIA Dwyane Wade….. G 22 38.2 24 50.9 75.7 1.18 51 26.24MIA Shaquille O’Neal …continue reading

Detroit 94 New York 93

I don’t need any advanced stats to tell you why the Knicks lost against the Pistons. No PER. No eFG. No PSA. They just blew it. Poor execution down the stretch. It was a heart breaking loss, easily their worst psychological loss of the year. They had the defending champs on the ropes the whole game, only to slip at the end and knock themselves out. My biggest complaint is not Jamal Crawford’s attempt with 5 seconds left, although it was awful. It’s not about Marbury’s foul on Billups, because what else could he do in that situation? Steph forgetting …continue reading

The Last Emperor – West

The East isn’t the only conference that is signaling a change in the guard. Two afterthoughts in the West are breezing along to the league’s best records. Right now, there may not be a bigger surprise in the NBA than the Seattle SuperSonics. How bad was Seattle suppose to be? Let me quote from some of their team previews for this season: In the past two years, the Sonics are 77-87, ending a 15-year run of .500 or better. This season Coach Nate McMillan faces a tough, but not impossible, challenge to get Seattle back to its wining ways…The trend …continue reading

The Last Emperor – East

Dynasties in China lasted about 4 millennia. From the Xia Dynasty in 2000BC, to the Qing Dynasty which folded in the early 20th century, you’d have to admit they had a pretty good run. Looking at the NBA standings, they might be done with their dynasty rule as well. In a league where multiple championship teams are the norm, we’re seeing a new face on the NBA. Just look at the standings, and honestly say that you thought Cleveland would be leading the Central, or the Sonics in the Northeast. Before last year, the last time a team won a …continue reading

Knicks 104 Washington 106

[Today’s entry comes to us from David Crockett, Ph.D, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, who can be reached at] The problem last night heading down the stretch was not benching Allan Houston, rather it was benching Mike Sweetney. The box score from last night for both players says all you really need to hear. Sweetney must see more minutes, even at the expense of Kurt Thomas. NAME……. MIN FG FT O-REB AST PF PTSK. Thomas.. 34 7-11 0-0 3-8 3 3 14 M. Sweetney 17 6-7 2-2 1-7 1 2 14 In half …continue reading

Yin & Yang

No team better represents the Yin & the Yang in the NBA than the Memphis Grizzlies. Their logo is a bear, shaded dark on one side and light on the other. The team has gone from one extreme to the other. From Vancouver to Memphis. Canada to America. Caesar to Czar. Last year’s surprise to this year’s dissapointment. A balanced team as opposed to being driven by one or two stars. In their first match-up the Knicks soundly beat Memphis. New York’s best scorer, Stephon Marbury had 26 points on highly efficient scoring (75% eFG). Michael Sweetney was the Knicks …continue reading