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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: December 2004

“Sonics’ Super Scientist”

For the statheads out there (and even the stat-curious), there is an interesting article about Dean Oliver. In case you didn’t know, the author of Basketball On Paper has been hired on by the Sonics as a consultant. The article is meant for a mainstream audience and maybe a bit short on details, but has a nice tidbit like this: “In baseball, what are you going to do, not throw the ball to the first baseman because you don’t like him?” Sonics assistant Bob Weiss joked before a game last season. Isn’t that what Chuck Knoblauch was doing?

I Got Nuthin’

Sorry for the lack of content these days. There’s a lot of madness going on in RL. If the stats page can’t keep you busy enough, then try some of these excellent blogs: He’s only been around for two months, but Forum Blue & Gold has hit the ground running having one good post after another. Best line on his page: The Raptors are the only team I?ve run across to list the results of a Playstation match up on their game preview page. But I guess it makes sense ? with what?s left in Toronto, you?d probably rather play …continue reading

Introducing The New Stats Page

I’ve been working on this for a bit, and I think it’s time to release it out into the general public: the new stat page. A little Merry Christmas from me to my readers. It actually started as an automated tool for myself, so I could have a few key stats handy when I’m writing, but it just snowballed into what you see today. Since I don’t have much of an index, let me give you a quick rundown, interspersed with comments from today’s Knick win over the hapless Bobcats. The best place to start is the Team Totals. On …continue reading

Christmas By Myself This Year

So deck those halls, trim those trees Raise up cups of Christmas cheer, I just need to catch my breath, Christmas by myself this year. –“Christmas Wrapping”The Waitresses So far the Christmas matchup between Shaq & Kobe has more stories than a good season of 24. Outside of all the drama, this is a game between two radically changed teams. After a tumultuous offseason, how do these two teams stack up against each other? SantaBlogger (a KnickerBlogger subsidiary) is giving a little stocking stuffer for good little hoopheads with a little hardwood egg nog. Pace (Lakers 21st – Heat 19th)California …continue reading

Knicks Holiday Preview

[Today’s article comes from KnickerBlogger NBA Roster Head Analyst David Crockett, Ph.D., who in his part time is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina. He can be reached at] This summer I wrote an off-season preview for the Knicks in which I urged Isiah Thomas to continue rebuilding on the fly by eschewing (for a while at least) any more roster-gutting moves, concentrating instead on building from the back of the bench. In Part Two of that preview, titled ?What the Knicks Should Do Now,? I suggested the following. I strongly urge the front …continue reading

Dallas 123 New York 94

I had spent the day on my couch with what was either food poisoning or a stomach virus. Unable to eat anything solid for 36 hours, and working from home, the only thing I had to look forward to was watching the Knicks face off against the Mavericks in the Garden. And I thought my day couldn’t get any worse. Dallas embarrassed New York, coasting off their 39 point halftime lead to a 123-94 laugher. I should have known the Knicks were in trouble when they brought in Vin Baker in the first quarter. With Nazr in mild foul trouble, …continue reading

Definition Of A Good Sunday

Will all apologies to Homer Simpson, the best way to spend a Sunday is: Go to your nephew’s 2nd birthday party. Come home to find your football team up by 17. See them win to give them the best record they’ve had since 2001. Watch your favorite basketball team win a close game. See your favorite basketball player score twice as many points in as half as many minutes as the starter. That it happens just a few days after he got a DNP, when the team had a 4th quarter meltdown from their starters being too tired. Actually getting …continue reading