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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2004

NYK 93 MIN 99

The Knicks opened up the 2005 season with a loss. They played on the road against the team with the best record in the West last year. To their credit they were in the game until late into the fourth quarter. In his first game as a Knick, Jamal Crawford filled in for Allan Houston and scored 22 points (10-23, 48% eFG%*, .96PSA**). Marbury led the Knicks in scoring (8-15, 63% eFG%, 1.8PSA) but was one point behind game leader Kevin Garnett (13-20, 65% eFG%, 1.4PSA). The Knicks second round pick Trevor Ariza, the youngest Knick to play on opening …continue reading

10-10 = Optimism

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “We’ve definitely got a tough schedule,” Knicks President Isiah Thomas said. “You look at our first 20 games and with our road schedule and the people we play on the road we’d be lucky if we play even .500. Isiah Thomas is usually overly optimistic when setting goals for his team, so it’s a bit shocking to see the Knicks GM having lowered expectations for his team. Hoping a team goes .500 is usually reserved for teams coming off a horrible season, or coming into the starting gate with multiple injuries. Even though the …continue reading

Ranting Spree

[If you are looking for the John Hollinger interview, it is just below this article or just click here.] A quick note to Latrell Sprewell: When a championship caliber team that is already paying you twice what you deserve ($14.6M) this year, offers you a 3 year deal at $9M a year that will run until the age of 37, when no one else in the league will pay you anywhere near that much money…TAKE THE MONEY & RUN, instead of complaining about it. Of course if Latrell wanted to make mega-dough, he should find out what stats Winston & …continue reading