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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2004

Open Feedback To ESPN Stats

[FOLLOWUP: Apparently the entire email was too big to send using their form, so instead I requested that ESPN read it off my site. Unfortunately I think my chances of them reading it has decreased greatly.] created a feedback form for their NBA stat coverage department. So, I sent them this letter: To Whom It May Concern: First I would like to thank you for putting a feedback form on your web page. Since you’re asking for opinions, I’ve noticed that the baseball stat page on ESPN has a advanced statistics while basketball lags sorely behind. The only “advanced” …continue reading

Game 3: How Did They Do It?

Tuesday the Knicks beat the Sixers by a fair margin. Even though I watched the game, I was curious what the stat sheet would say about it. In theory, the box score should give us some more insight on how the Knicks won. New York shot 50% eFG%, a very high percentage. However they only gained a small advantage as the Sixers shot just as well, 49%. If the Knicks didn’t shoot better than their opponent, then this couldn’t have been the reason for their victory. New York was slightly out-rebounded on the offensive end, 28% to 30%, so they …continue reading

Sixers 88 Knicks 96

For most of the first quarter there was nothing new to the Knicks attack. They mostly played a perimeter game consisting of one of three things: Marbury asking for the pick & roll. Marbury faking the pick & roll & driving to the hoop Crawford using his dribble to get an open jumper. The Knicks big guys were either to join in the perimeter attack (Kurt Thomas on the pick & roll) or do what Nazr Mohammed did. The Knicks’ starting center scored the first of his two first quarter field goals by waiting for a guard to dish the …continue reading

Game 3: The Sixers

After the Knicks first loss, a hard fought battle on the road against one of the NBA’s best team, came their second loss, an effortless embarrassment on their home court. New York needs to do one simple thing tonight: outscore their opponent. No it isn’t a “must-win” game, but it’s a “they-should-really-win-this” game. The Sixers have been on a steady decline since their 2001 Finals appearance, winning only 33 games last season. Philly represents the Knicks’ easiest challenge to date. What am I going to watch for in tonight’s game? First is if Nazr Mohammed & Tim Thomas decide to …continue reading

Opening Week

Wow it was a long week! 6 columns in 7 days. From the John Hollinger interview, to the Knicks 0-2 start, to everything in between. If you missed any of my columns last week, you might want to take a look back. Here’s a quick summary, Saturday: Celtics 107 Knicks 73 – Dave writes “trevor ariza’s going to be a very good defender. he already gets his hands on a ton of balls. more importantly, he puts a lot of pressure on the man with the ball.” Friday: One Game Pessimism – “Instead of being forced to play cap-killers to …continue reading

Celtics 107 Knicks 73

I love getting email. This one comes from occasional guest-blogger Dave: a few quick impressions after the opening home loss… 1. the field goal defense, after only two games, is atrocious. the knicks are unable to take anything away from the offense. is there a weaker defensive pg, sg, sf combo than marbury, crawford, and tim thomas in the entire NBA? (denver’s miller, lenard, and anthony are the only ones i can think of that even come close.) In the last line on my Wednesday column, I said we’re going to have to watch the Knicks’ opponents shooting percentage. That …continue reading

One Game Pessimism

Just the other day I was talking about the Knicks inevitable slow start, and made the following prediction: “Message boards will have plenty of fans will write off the Knicks for their poor start in December and in April at least one commentator will tout them as the “hot” team heading into the playoffs.” Well I should have included print columnists, since Mitch Lawrence has already penciled in the Knicks for a losing season. Lawrence can’t make up his mind whether he is angry at the NBA re-alignment, the Knicks, Lenny Wilkens rotation, or the Nets fire sale. Judging by …continue reading