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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: July 2004

The Dawning Of A New Era

One day remains until teams can officially start signing free agents, and needless to say I’m a bit excited. Normally the draft is best time for a team to improve itself. Every year, there are usually a couple of good free agents that can improve a team, but not many. Sometimes a few good players get traded, normally due to contract restraints. Top players usually get locked up to long term contracts by their teams. For obvious reasons few are traded. It’s hard to trade in the NBA where it often feels like teams are enslaved by the salary cap. …continue reading

Guard, or SF/C?

Yesterday I wondered aloud why the Knicks were getting another combo guard (and to do so possibly trading away Frank Williams – someone who might already be a good combo guard), when they had other bigger fish to fry, (namely SF & C). Let’s take a look at the Knicks’ starters & top reserves for these two positions. PLAYER OFF DEF +/- Net PtsTim Thomas 16.2 16.4 +2.0A. Hardaway 11.1 13.0 +2.3Mutombo 15.0 15.8 +0.2Nazr Mohammed 18.8 17.7 -1.6 The first two columns are their offensive PER, and their opponents PER. Now opponents PER doesn’t tell the entire story of …continue reading

New Home

Like Shaq, I’ve decided a new home would be nice. So I decided to move my blog to a more appropriate place. You may want to change your bookmark to the new site – For the time being I’ll still have a redirect from the old page to here. There is a lot going on in the league, so I’ll stick to the story that will have the biggest impact on the league: Ariza scores 22 in his first professional game. (But of course! ;-) Sweetney is the only other Knick that did anything of note, as he had …continue reading

Knicks Summer League Squad – Part 2

Here is the second part of my evaluation of the Knicks Summer League roster. They are going to play 6 games from this Saturday (7/10) until the next (7/17). Shooting GuardsBrett Nelson is a sharpshooter from Florida. In college he was a 42% shooter from beyond the arc, and 86% from the charity stripe. A few articles mentioned that he seemed headed to the NBA until a disappointing junior season, where his FG% went down 6 points to 39%. If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Nelson, that same year his cheekbone was broken in a fight with …continue reading

Knicks Summer League Squad – Part 1

Summertime and the livin’s easyBradley’s on the microphone with Ras-MGAll the people in the dance will agree thatwe’re well qualified to represent the LBC.— “Summertime”Sublime With the Knicks first summer league game coming up this Saturday (7/10), let’s take a quick look at their roster. Since I’m not a college hoops nut, I can’t say that I’m all that familiar with these guys. I’m basing my opinion on the articles I’ve read about these guys, their stats, and of course the green alien that levitates over my shoulder. I’ve included a bunch of links on each player, so you’ll have …continue reading


Hey guys I’m back! As soon as I can shake off my jetlag, I’ll be back to writing. I know my brain isn’t working at 100%, because I just looked down at the T-Shirt I’ve been wearing for the past 20-30 hours, and noticed that it’s been inside out the whole time. For those rabid fans that can’t wait that long for some of my hoops analysis, I wrote a small post on the Rafer Alston signing on a well known Toronto message board. A special thank you to my guest-bloggers (arigatou gozaimashita!), who did a professional job keeping my …continue reading

Kevin’s Off-season Plan

I’ll be the third person to officially lay out on an off-season plan of attack for the Knicks. Presumably, you’ve already read Dave’s take, and Chad Ford recently put together his “summer blueprint”. I don’t have Insider, so I haven’t read all of that one, but if the free part I linked is any indication, it’s as insipid as Ford’s “blueprints” traditionally are. I can’t copy Ford’s stuff and don’t care nearly enough to re-type it, but, to summarize, Ford complains that Isiah Thomas has locked the Knicks into long-term mediocrity with his moves and left them with no chance …continue reading