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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: July 2004

The Knicks Needs, Summer 2004 Part 2

This is the second part of a 2 part series. If you didn’t read the first part, please do so now. Offensive Rebounding (oREB%) Offensive 19th, -2.4% Defensive 8th, +5.5% Name oReb% dReB% Sweets 14.5 18.3 Kurt 6.0 20.1 Deke 10.1 19.1 Baker 11.8 11.6 Nazr 11.5 20.3 Thella 6.9 14.3 TimT 3.5 12.7 Penny 3.5 12.0 Offensively the Knicks are hurting on the glass. Sweetney is by far the Knicks’ best offensive rebounder, and next year the Knicks should be giving him more playing time. Nazr Mohammed is a good rebounder as well. As a Knick, Baker was good …continue reading

The Knicks Needs, Summer 2004 Part 1

The rumors have been rampant on who will be traded to the Knicks this offseason. Erick Dampier. Jamal Crawford. Antoine Walker. Even Vince Carter – yeah right! Message boards are lighting up with differing opinions on which would be the best fit for New York. Since each one plays a different position, each one potentially offers a different set of skills to the Knicks. So the question should become, what areas do the Knicks need improvement in the most? First it helps to know which factors are most important for a successful team. Dean Oliver says there are four factors …continue reading

My Attempt To Make The Third Week In July Erick Dampier Week

According to the Newsday, the Dampier trade is highly unlikely in the form it was announced a few days ago. In their offseason of acquiring mediocre players, Golden State has traded for a backup center in 35 year old Dale Davis (13/16/-6.2), so now they have little need to trade for another one in Nazr Mohammed (19/18/-2.8). Supposedly the Warriors are now looking for a small forward, which the Knicks don’t have to spare. Without a sign & trade, the Knicks have little chance to sign Dampier. Either they have to find a third dancing partner, or pray that Dampier …continue reading

Dampier: Peak Or Fluke

In my last column, I wrote that Dampier would be a good addition to the Knicks. Well not everyone feels the same way as I do. I received an email from a (hopefully) long time reader who pointed me to an APBR_analysis post of his regarding Dampier dated almost 3 months ago. From: bob chaikin ( Fri Apr 2, 2004 2:31 pm …dampier may be valuable now (with the individual numbers he’s putting up), but almost certainly won’t be as a free agent – i.e. if someone looking at him is expecting this kind of performance in the future from …continue reading

Dampier A Knick?

[NOTE: The notation in parenthesis is (Offensive PER / Defensive PER / +/- Roland Rating). For more information on this, look here, but quickly a PER of 15 is about average, while the higher the +/- is the better off the player.] According to the NY Post, the Knicks are waiting for Dampier to choose their deal over more money with the Hawks. Apparently the Knicks are offering Dampier a 6 year contract starting at $9M. The Hawks can offer him a maximum deal, because well they’re the Hawks. The Knicks would send Othella Harrington and Nazr Mohammed to Golden …continue reading

Basketball Authors Wanted

Recently I had plenty of free time due to a solo business trip. In case you’ve never been on one, a solo business trip is akin to being put in jail. Without your wife, your friends, and the comforts of home, you just try to find ways of killing time. I never knew that going to the book store can be an activity on it’s own. Near to where I was staying was a large book store. On the two nights I visited, the place was jumping. Seriously for a book store, I couldn’t believe how many people were there. …continue reading

A New Standard?

Last night I had a nice column written about baseball, basketball, and statistics. Unfortunately when I hit the save button, my browser notified me that was down for scheduled repairs. Hitting the back button, revealed to me what I had dreaded, that my entire blog was gone. In another parallel universe I imagine my readers enjoyed an entertaining column. Barring a Stan Lee spectacular bending of the laws of physics sending me to that universe to save my blog, I’m just going to have to rewrite the darn thing. In baseball there is a simple notation to represent hitters. …continue reading