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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2004

Knicks Off-Season Preview (Part 2 of 2)

What the Knicks Should Do Now I?m back to offer a ?quick and dirty? assessment of the Knicks? primary needs with the help of a few stats compiled at I also offer a few modest suggestions for how to address them. (By the way if you didn?t catch part 1 of my off-season preview go check it out.) Defense. Overall the team?s aggregate defensive numbers depict a mediocre but not awful unit. However those mediocre aggregate numbers mask a disturbing trend. The Knicks yielded points per game (93.5, ranked 13th) that belied their respectable eFG defense (46.2%, ranked 8th). …continue reading

Knicks Roster Analysis – Point Guards

Hi, I’m Kevin Pelton. At the risk of going all Lionel Hutz on you, you may remember me from such columns as “Page 23″ at and such contests as KnickerBlogger’s 2004 Bloggers Bracket. Over the last couple of months, his KBness and I have shared some e-mails and AIM conversations, and I was flattered when he asked me to do a little guest blogging during his vacation. After giving him some crap about vacationing on the best day of the NBA year, I gladly agreed and offered to give an outsider’s take on the Knicks. I’m basically thinking of …continue reading

Mountain Trip To Japan 2004

KnickerBlogger is on vacation until July 5th. I leave for Japan early tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, my site will have plenty of activity, as I’ve assorted three excellent guest bloggers to keep things running. You’ve already met Dave, a passionate Knicks fan, who tried to send me off a day early. He’s already off to a very impressive start with his take on the Knicks outlook for next year, and did so without a single statistic. If you haven’t already, read it now! I guarantee* you’ll think it’s the greatest column ever. I expect the opposite from Sonics-fan Kevin Pelton. …continue reading

Message Board GMs

Sports message boards is an interesting mix of technology, sports, and the human psyche. The anonymity of sitting behind a computer makes every emotion seem more heightened. Every losing streak is a lost season. Every winning streak a championship run. Every rumor is truth. Every trade idea is a rumor. Every draft pick is an All Star. For every move a GM makes there is at least someone that hates it. OTOH, message boards can provide lots of great information. When a few intelligent posters get together & ask some good questions, you can only hope your GM is as …continue reading

Knicks Off-Season Preview (1 of 2)

Hey Knicks fans. While the Knickerblogger is away on vacation he has asked some of us who bleed orange and blue to pinch hit. The Knickerblogger swings a mighty fine bat but I’ll do my best to measure up. — Two Lessons I’ve Learned from Joe Dumars In some ways the weeks following the NBA Finals leading into the summer off-season is my favorite time, especially this season since I get to see the Lakers be dismantled. As a Knicks fan I am now at my most hopeful. So what should the Knicks do this off-season? I?ll take a few …continue reading

KnickerBlogger 2004 NBA Playoff Brackets Contest

Well folks, way back in April I searched the world for some of the greatest basketball minds & asked them to predict what would happen in the NBA playoffs. I included myself among this group of super-geniuses, to see how the average man would fare against the smartest of the smart. In an attempt to make it seem that I’m giving you the reader extra content, I will republish the original bracket here. To take a page from Microsoft, I’ll make it look slightly different, so it seems new, despite having the same content. I’ve taken the liberty of bolding …continue reading

2003 – 2004 Champs: The Detroit Pistons

Congratulations to the Detroit Pistons. It seemed that the whole country was a Pistons fan for just a little bit. Especially after game 3, where it seemed apparent to just about everyone that they were the better team and going to win the series. Maybe some people liked them because they were the underdogs. Others liked them because they were the new face on the block. It could be their lack of a scoring superstar, that made them so intriguing. I’m sure their blue-collar team style of play won some hearts, a perfect antithesis to the Lakirs. (Oops! did I …continue reading