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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2004

Playoff Odds 04/05/04

Curious at how the seeds to the playoffs might turn out, I got a little ambitious. It all started from something I learned a while back. That is you can calculate the probability of a team winning a game if you know: the home team’s record at home, the road’s team record away, and the league’s home win %. I used this little formula in a previous column to talk about the Knicks’ chances to win their 5 next games. I decided to see how far I could take this. So I inserted all the home/road records of every team …continue reading

Points Per Possession – The April Edition

If you don’t know what points per possesion is, go back and reread my former column about team stats in the NBA. I had some free time & took the team data from & put it into a spreadsheet. Here are the teams ranked by points per 100 possessions: Offense: Rank Team Pts Poss OpPts1 SAC 103.6 91 1132 DAL 104.5 92 1133 MIL 98.6 90 1094 SEA 97 88 1095 MIN 94.5 87 1086 LAL 98.6 90 1087 MEM 97.3 90 1078 IND 91.1 86 1069 DEN 97.1 91 10610 POR 91.2 85 10611 LAC 95 89 10612 …continue reading


Disappointed a few peopleWhen friendship reared its ugly headDisappointed a few peopleWell, isn’t that what friends are for?What are friends for?— “Disappointed”P.I.L. There’s nothing like a loss to bring out the worst in fans. Lurking around the message boards, you’ll see some posts titled: Knicks are the WORST defensive team in the League, New York Quitters, and FIRE LENNY WILKENS. Ouch! The Knicks have been a lottery team the past two seasons, but this year we’ve all but locked down a playoff spot. No we’re probably not a threat to take the East, and we’re nowhere near a championship level …continue reading

Nets 108 Knicks 83

“If the Nets are injured and not playing well, whoever faces them is definitely going to have a good chance of beating them… But they’re going to play hard. They’re defending Eastern Conference champs for the last two years. So they’re not just going to give up.” Penny Hardaway was right with one part of his quote. The Nets played hard last night and didn’t just give up, trouncing the Knicks 108-83. For the most part the Nets dominated the entire game. The closest the Knicks got after the beginning was a 6 point deficit in the third. It was …continue reading

What’s The Chance?

My good ol’ friend Dr. F., that I mentioned in a previous post, loves football. When his team is playing, he will always watch until the very end, which at times I find questionable. When it’s a close game, and the weather outside is not conducive to a game of catch, I don’t mind as much. But if his team is down by 3 touchdowns with :30 left, he’s glued to the tv, waiting until the game is official. He’s confided in me that his mind is trying to figure out how his team can win the game. It goes …continue reading