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Monday, October 15, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2004

Veeck, Blog Maverick, and Ideas To Improve the NBA

In case you didn’t know Mark Cuban runs a weblog just like this one. Well maybe it’s not like this one, because when I sell ice cream I don’t get thousands of fans showing up to meet me. (Also when I insult the common workers of Diary Queen, there aren’t teams of reports waiting to print what I say in the papers.) I like Mark, because he reminds me of a modern day Bill Veeck. He criticizes the establishment of the NBA on a constant basis. Owners like Veeck and Cuban are great for sports, because in general people are …continue reading

SuperSubs (aka Knicks 101 Hornets 97)

The Supersubs were at it again. Tonight’s was even more impressive win than yesterday’s for a myriad of reasons. First tonight’s game was on the road. Instead of trouncing the weak Wizards, they beat the playoff-bound Hornets. Finally, instead of facing the other team’s reserves, the Hornets had their starters out there down the stretch. This time Moochie Norris outplayed Frank Williams. Williams had only 4 points, but had 5 assists and 0 turnovers. Meanwhile Norris enjoyed a 21 point night, on 9-18 shooting (56% eFG). The two teamed up for a crucial play near the end of the game. …continue reading

Knicks 102 Wizards 98

It was one of those games as a fan, you love to watch. There was a little bit of everything for everyone. The Knicks are still fighting for a better playoff spot, so it was a meaningful game. Even though they clinched a playoff spot, a few wins might move them up to a higher seed. However since the playoffs are so close, the Knicks also want to give a rest to their starters. They don’t want their best players tired in their first round matchup. So the Knicks were trying to win an important game with playoff indications on …continue reading

Knicks 96 Chicago 82

The Knicks clinched a playoff spot yesterday with a win against the hapless Bulls (and a Cleveland loss to Memphis). It’s great to be in the playoffs again, after a two year absence. Unlike the last few Knick playoff teams I don’t have expectations for the Knicks to get past the first round. Why? Well look at the last 20 or so games the Knicks have played. I’ll split their opponents into two groups, the games they won & the games they lost. Won: OppWin%Chi .282Phi .423Por .519Tor .397Atl .321NJ .584Wash .308Mil .519Was .308Tor .397Phi .423AVG1 .407AVG2 .390 Out of …continue reading

Indiana 107 New York 86

First Half Notes: Two shocking moments for Knick fans in the first half. First is Lenny Wilkens getting visibly angry. The usually reserved Wilkens “lost it” when Tim Thomas got called on a dubious offensive foul against Ron Artest. No technical called on the Knicks coach. Maybe the refs were too shocked to call a T. Second, a Dekembe Mutombo sighting! When Deke came in the second quarter, my jaw almost hit the floor. It was good timing, since the Knicks had been getting killed by Pacer defensive rebounds. After Thomas’ foul (see above) DerMarr Johnson subbed in. Johnson made …continue reading

Thanks UConn

Oh and almost forgot – thanks to University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team, for winning the national championship. They helped me get third place in my Baseball Primer league (out of 50) and more importantly, earned me a new best friend.

Heading Into Conseco

Just to be lazy and combine the last two columns into a new one, here are the rankings & odds for the Knick’s game tonight: Ind#8 Offense#3 Defense#2 Overall Knicks#22 Offense#15 Defense#19 Overall The Pacers currently hold the best record in the league, and they’re doing it primarily with defense. Their defense ranks #3, tied with the Nets, and right behind the Spurs and Pistons. Despite being one of the slowest teams in the league (they only average 86 possessions a game, only Portland and Utah are slower), they are among one of the top teams in turnovers per game. …continue reading