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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2004

2004 Bloggers Bracket

Welcome to the KnickerBlogger 2004 Bloggers Bracket. First prize is Blog bragging rights for the year, and I’ve assembled a cast of the best bloggers around the country to participate. The rules are simple, you get a point for every correct team that you pick. In the unlikely event of a tie, tiebreakers will be taken by closest to the final score of the final game. All entries were sent to me before the first game was played on Saturday. First let’s meet the contestants: Jon Hollinger – Jon’s blog says it all: “The Basketball Page for Thinking Fans.” Mr. …continue reading

Nets 107 Knicks 83

The Knicks took a beating from the Nets last night. I’m not just talking about Jason Collins’ getting a flagrant on Tim Thomas, sending the Knicks SF for overnight hospitalization. Nor am I speaking of Frank Williams getting hit on a fastbreak (albeit on a clean play) and falling on the court, with Kidd standing over him. I’m more talking about the 24 point loss they suffered on the scoreboard. The Nets seemed almost unstoppable on offense. They had an excellent 53% eFG%. The source of their excellent offense was being able to constantly get fast breaks against the Knicks. …continue reading


The title says it all. A simple child can understand that 71 plus 2 is greater than 72. There are many applications of this. If Farmer Jeff has 71 apples, and he picks up 2 more apples, he’ll have more than Farmer Farmer Phil. He’ll also have more apples if he stops to pick up 3 more as well, but if his only concern is having more apples than Farmer Phil, then 2 apples will do. So why don’t NBA players understand this? I watched it live, but in case you didn’t here’s all you need to know about the …continue reading

2003-2004 Team Rankings

2003-2004 End of season Offensive ranking: RNK TEAM Poss/G eFG% pPTS1 DAL 92.8 .495 113.32 SAC 92.4 .507 111.23 LAL 90.5 .481 108.54 SEA 89.7 .501 108.35 MIL 90.7 .477 108.16 MIN 88.3 .486 107.07 MEM 90.4 .479 107.08 IND 86.3 .471 105.89 DEN 92.0 .467 105.710 GSW 88.4 .475 105.511 SAS 86.9 .473 105.312 POR 86.2 .478 105.313 LAC 90.7 .453 104.514 BOS 91.2 .486 104.415 UTA 85.1 .456 104.216 DET 86.6 .461 104.017 ORL 90.5 .461 104.018 NOR 88.4 .460 103.819 MIA 87.0 .463 103.720 PHO 91.5 .475 102.921 CLE 90.4 .451 102.822 ATL 90.5 .465 102.523 NJN …continue reading

Little Man In My Head

There’s a little man in my headAnd he must have lived in someone else’s head before‘Cause I was born in ’63And he’s only been there since ’74— “Little Man In My Head”Dead Milkmen Every once in a while, the part of my brain that thinks he’s a 94 year old grumpy man creeps out and spills it’s liver about basketball and just about anything else that can keep it awake for more than 10 minutes at a time. Today, this is what he shared with me. ESPN has put up their experts’ picks on their web page. Not a single …continue reading


Here I am sitting with my NBA bracket. All empty & waiting to be filled out. I’m more curious about the thought process that goes into such an endeavor. What would make someone choose one team over another? If logic is in play, shouldn’t I always pick the higher seed, since they have home field advantage and are usually the team with the better record? Or do I use my gut feeling? What information am I using to base my picks on? Do I go with the hot/cold teams (SAS, MIN, IND, DET, and MIA are hot; NJ, MEM, HOU, …continue reading


It’s pretty amazing how the regular season turned out. At the beginning of the year, I don’t think many people would have predicted that Indiana would have the best record in the league, and the Wolves would be the team to beat in the West. Before the season started critics were shouting to break up the Lakers, who acquired two hall of fame players, albeit past their prime. The Lakers made a decent second half push, and ended up with the number two seed, barely ahead of Sacramento. How did Minnesota improve? Thanks to (is there anything they can’t …continue reading