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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: April 2004

No Need To Adjust Your Monitors

Sorry folks, but I’ve been busy as all hell with personal stuff. I have two friends leaving the state, a friend making a trip to the hospital, a wedding and a birthday party all this week. I’ll try to get some stuff finished, but it seems like I might get something out tomorrow, and maybe nothing until Monday. Thank goodness the NBA has given everyone some days off with what they call the first round of the playoffs. I mean seriously, the only underdog that might win their series is the Hornets who are tied 2-2 in their series so …continue reading

Game 4: Nets 100 Knicks 94

I’m less upset at the sweep of the Knicks than the Nets then I thought I would be. I’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this since the end of the regular season. Most of my dealing with the loss came after game 3, when an 0-3 series meant the end for the Knicks. That being said, I’m relatively happy with how the last game went. I would have liked to see more of Sweetney or DerMarr, but Lenny gave enough minutes to Frank Williams to keep me going. Williams played well, better than his 11 points, 4 assists, …continue reading

Nothing to Say

I came in this morning and the guy next to me just about summed up the Knicks game yesterday. “I won’t bring it up today,” he said. I agree with that sentiment. There are a million things a Knick fan could whine about, but in reality they just lost. The Nets were a better team, and the shorthanded Knicks just don’t have a chance at taking the series. I may have something to say when it’s all over, and things are in better perpsective. I’m hoping that Wilkens will give some of the youngsters plenty of time in game 4. …continue reading

Gloat Across the Moat

One of the things that really pumped me up about watching last night’s game was a post by a fellow blogger. Joe Netsfan wrote a lovely piece “eulogizing” the Knicks after the Nets won only the first game. In his column, he proceeded to insult: the Knicks coach,“The Knicks…are coached by a legendary-but-long-past-his-coaching-prime man named Lenny from Brooklyn. He’s forgotten more than Lawrence Frank’s enormous brain has had a chance to learn, but that’s the whole problem. He can’t seem to remember it…” their injured players, “Tim Thomas’ injury on a hard-but-legal foul is unfortunate, but all that does is …continue reading

Nets 99 Knicks 81

I said in my last column that I would be ready for whatever happens this game. Well, its going to take a little more chewing before I can swallow this loss. It was a game that I thought would have a lot of potential for excitement on both ends of the court. Unfortunately, the Nets were the only team to live up to their end of the bargain. The Knicks played better this time out, but better was nowhere near good enough. The closest they got was to cut the lead to 10 in the third. They did it with …continue reading


The fine people that host my web page had some technical dificulties yesterday, so here’s a quick sumary of the last few columns: Tuesday – Knicks – Nets Game 2Monday – 2004 Bloggers BracketSunday – Nets 107 Knicks 83Sunday – 71+2>72Saturday – 2003-2004 Team RankingsSaturday – Little Man In My Head

Knicks – Nets Game 2

I’m pumped up for tomorrow’s game. The Knicks were underdogs in this series, but they were the trendy pick for a first round upset. The argument goes that the midseason changes made the Knicks better than their sub .500 record indicates. In addition there is doubt that the Nets aren’t that strong of a team, with most prognosticators having Indy and Detroit fighting to represent the East in the Finals. Let’s not forget the geographical vicinity of the two teams. Walk north from MSG about 8 blocks to the port authority bus terminal & you’re only 15 minutes away from …continue reading