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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Monthly Archives: March 2004

The Next 5 Games

There was something I really wanted to show you But I just can’t find it — “Can’t Find It” Smoking Popes I was reading the newspaper this morning (online of course), and one of the lines caught my eyes: SOFT SCHEDULE: All of the Knicks’ next five games are against teams with losing records. The sentence implies that the Knicks will be at an advantage their next few games, since they are playing “bad” teams. But is this really true? There is a well known formula that you can use to try to predict who will win a certain matchup. …continue reading


Three choices.One bullet.One trigger.Guess who gets to pull it?— Head? Chest? or Foot?Propogandhi Last night, Lenny Wilkens came out with a lineup I was thoroughly pleased with. The big changes were Kurt Thomas starting at center for the second straight game and rookie Michael Sweetney started at PF. It was Sweetney’s first start in the NBA. I thought this was a good lineup because, arguably Kurt might be our best starting center. Mutombo, albeit a good help defender and rebounder, is too slow to guard other centers one on one. Deke might have the worst footwork of any big man …continue reading