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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Monthly Archives: March 2004

Welcome to the NBA, Michael Sweetney

There is a wait so longYou’ll never wait so longHere comes your man— “Here Comes Your Man”Pixies The official stats say Michael Sweetney has played 25 games so far this year. I’m here to tell you they’re off by 24. #50 for the Knicks, has played his first NBA game. Before you call Dr. Phil and ask him to examine my noggin, let me explain. In a previous column, I said this about Sweetney: The Knicks rookie PF looks skilled, but lost at times especially on defense. I expect that if the Knicks are patient enough to give him playing …continue reading


The world has turned and left me here Just where I was before you appeared And in your place an empty space Has filled the void behind my face — “The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” Weezer I find it interesting that Paul Pierce is the only player in the league to currently lead his team in points, rebounds, and assists. There are a few people that lead their team in two stats, Shaq, Garnett, etc., but no one leads in the “big three.” Usually stats like this are meaningless, but it means in a sense that the …continue reading


I say why on earth do you revolve around meAren?t you aware of the gravity— Another SatelliteXTC Since some of you may not have thought to check this blog on a weekend, I’ll make today’s entry short. This way you can catch up on Saturday’s column on Lenny Wilkens (right below this one). I’d like to take a quick look at some previous entries. A few days ago I talked about the Knicks’ chances to win their upcoming games. Well they’ve won all three, despite being statistical underdogs in two of them. In case you were wondering, the chance that …continue reading

Lenny Wilkens: Good Or Bad?

captain, there are doubtsregardingyour abilityto lead themthe men— “Brave Captian”fIREHOSE Scott’s guest column yesterday gave me an idea. It seems that Toronto fans aren’t at all pleased with the job Lenny Wilkens did as coach of their team. So far as coach of the Knicks, I’ve had no complaints. Well maybe one, giving any minutes to Moochie Norris instead of Frank Williams. Noticing that the Knicks have a problem in the middle, Lenny tried a few different lineups, including starting Othella Harrington and Michael Sweetney, seeing if they could rise to the task (neither could). He’s settled on Nazr Mohammed …continue reading

International Relations

In the spirit of international friendship between our two nations and because our two favorite teams will be facing each other Friday night, Scott from and I will be swapping blogs for a day. You can catch my blog on the “new” Knicks there. Cuz this life is too shortTo live it just for youBut when you feel so powerlessWhat are you gonna do?So say what you want— “Powerless”Nelly Furtado Since I’m guest blogging for Mike, I figured I’d drop some Canadian content on y’all with the opening lyrics. Also, they’re an apt summary of my current state as …continue reading


Aiyyo I’m all the way way, Phil Phil-lay-layPeople wanna see the way the Illadel playYo, look in the mirror, watch what yourself say— “Dynamite”The Roots In our continuing saga, Nazr Mohammed stays out of foul (4) trouble to play 40 minutes. For those without a calculator (or any semblance of math skills), his average last night of 4.8 PF/48min is much lower than his season average (5.8). It could have been even lower except he picked up a foul on a weak call on a loose ball. The Sixer defender (Dalembert?) was falling on the ground without control of the …continue reading

Miss Cleo or KnickerBlogger?

you can’t tell the future in a cookiebut do you ever get the hint?and you can place your hand on a crystal balldo you ever think you’ll win?— “Tales From Tomorrow”Pulsars Today Lenny Wilkens proclaimed (for the second time) that Nazr Mohammed will be the Knicks starting center. I’m glad I predicted in my last column that he would be the Knicks starter. Of the numerous articles I’ve read, none have mentioned the one problem that keeps Nazr from being the Knicks’ starter: his foul trouble. Here’s a quick recap of Nazr’s Knick history: 2/20 – His first game as …continue reading