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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: February 2004

LA Clippers 96, New York 94

I had it, and I lost it,Now you’ve got to help me get it back again— “Lost It” The Hippos Yesterday I had the good fortune of watching the Knicks play again. But what if you actually had a life & were doing something else last night other than watching the game? How would you learn about the game? I imagine most people would pickup a paper, or if you?re reading this probably go online to read a recap of the game. ESPN?s recap spends a lot of time on what happened in the last few minutes to win or …continue reading

Suns 113, Knicks 95

It is timeIt is time forIt is time for stormy weather–“Stormy Weather”The Pixies Even though you can analyze basketball fairly well with statistics, there is much to basketball that doesn’t show up in the stat sheet. On the same note those that watch the game without a good understanding of the stats will not be getting the whole picture either. If you watched a game, you wouldn’t know if someone shot 42% (10/24) or 50% (12/24), unless you kept track. The difference is only 2 shots out of 24, but someone who shoots 50% consistently would be one of the …continue reading

The Best & Worst Offenses & Defenses

I dragged this lake looking for corpses Dusted for prints, pried up the floorboards Pieces of planes and black box recorders Don’t lie — “Private Eye” Alkaline Trio If you wanted to know quickly which teams had the best & worst offense & defense in the league, you might go to NBA stats page. You can click on the team-by-team comparison link and you’d see which teams have scored and given up the most points. You can sort the teams by a few different stats, and for this example you might use points scored per game and opponents points …continue reading

Defensive Specialist

Now what could make him think that way? What could make him act that way? — “Right Wing Pigeon”Dead Milkmen I just stumbled across this article, by Doc Rivers. I have to tell you, when I signed on to ABC and they gave me the schedule, and I looked at this game — New York-Cleveland — and I thought, “Whoa my goodness, why are we doing this game?”Obviously, ABC knew more than us because this will turn out to be a terrific game. I’m not upset at this, because:A. It’s his job to say these things as an announcer.B. No …continue reading

Let the Kids Play!

Sunshine Delayis when the traffic slows downbecause the sun is in your eyes. — Barcelona Today I had the good fortune of having one of my closest friends come into the city. We met up at a pub to have a few beers & watch the Knicks game. My friend, let’s call him Doctor F., isn’t a basketball fan by any stretch of the imagination. His favorite sport is football. We go to at least one baseball game a year together, and he also likes hockey. He can enjoy a basketball game if one is on and if I’m around …continue reading


Don’t let’s startThis is the worst partCould believe for all the worldThat you’re my precious little girlBut don’t let’s startI’ve got a weak heart — They Might Be Giants What a day to start a Knicks blog. In case you decided to do something else last night other than watch the game yesterday (lucky choice), you might not understand why. I can attest to you first handed that the Knicks played a half-hearted effort for 3 quarters last night. I wish I could say anything about the fourth quarter, but I switched to another game half way through. They scored …continue reading