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  1. It’s Larry Brown, so I’m assuming he’ll not play rookies if he can help it, and wants defense. That’s why I picked Malik Rose, but Davis could compete for it if he actually plays for NY. Knickerblogger, I thought Robinson was going to be starting with Stephon at the 2?

  2. I think that Rose will be the one but he will share his minutes, he will play 22-25 mins per game!

  3. http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/teams/nyk/roster

    wow. taking a look at their roster, they’re gonna be throwing out some pretty interesting lineups. half full- you could see alot of potential mismatches. half empty- you could see alot of potential mismatches, in the other teams favor.

    it’s like isaiah drafted 6 good running backs in a FFL league, no wr’s or qb’s, and will ask commisioner brown to turn channing frye into a qb/shooting forward. lots of luck.

  4. Nathan, did I say that? :-)

    Getting back to the PF discusion, maybe I should have asked which PF will get the most minutes? Would that change anyone’s answer?

  5. To state the obvious, I guess a lot will depend on if Davis sticks around, if Curry stays healthy, and on Frye and Lee: are they ready to contribute and at what positions.

    I agree that the 4 is a spot where the Knicks could use some D. Both Curry and James have reputations as terrible help defenders and either Rose or Davis would be a big help. At the same time using Davis or even Frye instead of James would make this less of a problem.

    I would prefer to see Davis start over Rose first because giving him the starting spot might help convince him to stay and second because him and Curry teamed up on Chicago?s top 5-man unit and several other good ones. I might be completely off, but I also see Davis as more of an anchor defensively than Rose.

    As far as who gets the most minutes? No idea. It?s not very bold, but my guess if that the minutes of 2, 3, or even 4 PFs should be close. It would be nice if one of those players is Lee or Frye as they obviously have much more upside than the veterans.

  6. Well Davis aint gonna be playing that looks to be the case. It aint gonna be Curry, Butler or George either. Most likely it will be Rose starting, but then PF by committee a la Sonics last year with Frye and Maurice mostly, I’m tipping Lee to get only a little time.

    The more we see Frye get a shot the better I reckon though.

  7. I think Malik will get the early nod, but as an undersized power forward whose rebounding is getting more and more suspect, and whose offense was unusually ineffective in his stint with the Knicks last season, I don’t think he’ll remain the starter, though he’ll be in the mix. I put Taylor down, although I think the process will be Rose, then Frye, who will get hurt and/or be ineffective, then Lee, then, by Jan 1, in desperation, they’ll turn to Taylor, who I still think until Curry arrived was the only Knick with a legitimate post move. Plus, unlike Rose, he never really rebounded, so his crummy rebounding won’t dissappoint.

  8. The starter will have to be the best rebounder and defender. The Knick’s Chandler, if you will. With Curry in the middle, the Knicks will need them to be so to avoid being dominated on the boards. That’s why Rose will start at least while the other options show what they can do.

  9. Where have you gone Michael Sweetney? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo. What’s that you say Knickerblogger, Big Sweets has left and gone away. Hey hey hey.

    Ummm…Channing Frye or David Lee. Lee will at least rebound.

  10. I’m going with Davis. It was going to be Malik Rose, until I saw the nickname you gave Davis, and then I decided that Larry is going with the grizzled vet that he’s familiar with.

  11. David Lee is looking like a good candidate for the spot. He provides the necessary rebounding and hustle for the starting line. By the way it’s definitely David “Gravedigger” Lee and Jackie “the Beast” Butler

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