Balkman & Jeffries


Article on Balkman at 82games. I think Roland hit the nail on the head.

Father KnickerBocker’s take on Balkman.

Hoopsworld sees good thing happening to Balkman.

GameCocks (South Carolina) article on Balkman. Great if you love a new paragraph every 2 sentences.


Martin Johnson article on the Knicks’ short sidedness of signing Jeffries.

Post article about the Wizards probably resigning Jeffries. It’s the only NY sports paper that has printed an article stating Washington will match.

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15 thoughts to “Balkman & Jeffries”

  1. A couple of notes:

    Martin Johnson seriously argued that Jeffries’ AGE is a negative factor? Dude’s gonna be 30 when this contract ends. 30!!! And he thinks age is a problem? What a weird argument.

    And the 82games piece was great. Luckily, I don’t think the Knicks are expecting much from Balkman in year one.

  2. I don’t see how signing Jeffries could hurt the Knicks at this point. The fact is that they have some young, versatile, athletic ballplayers on this team for the first time in a long time. Why not take advantage of the youth and athleticism?

  3. I basically agree, George, in the whole “Hey, it can’t hurt” aspect, in that I don’t think adding players better than the ones you have is ever a BAD thing, per se.

    But I dunno if this signing is all that fiscally prudent.

  4. like i said, i’m still not sure where i stand on this move. but i don’t think i can fuss too much on isiah’s handling of the market should jeffries wind up in new york.

    if washington chooses not to match, then jeffries would be signing for *below market* money. he’s already turned down a bigger offer from washington (6 years for $33 mil) if i am not mistaken. i think we can reasonably conclude that the market for jeffries is the MLE and up. washington almost certainly matches anything less, and it’s still quite possible grunfeld may match the MLE.

    martin johnson raises a slightly different question, namely whether it’s worth it for a player with jeffries’ skill set. that’s what i am unsure about primarily because we don’t know how much of jeffries’ prowess is attributable to having a quality defensive center, brendan haywood. (what i do know is that he doesn’t rebound, which leaves channing frye as the best rebounding starter.)

    as for this being a short term move… what’s the point of even bringing that up? everything isiah does will be short-term and every team he tries to make a deal with will know it. dolan has seen to that.

  5. that he takes minutes from Lee(even Balkman) plus adds to a logjam at SF is a reason enough not to sign the guy…The moves made now should be done with thwe intention of freeing up these spots; also he is not a shot-blocker/defensive post type player, why do we need him?

  6. dave: The notion that the Knicks might have gotten Jeffries at “below market” money sounds like wishful thinking to me. The rumored Wizards offer (6 years, $33 million) that he supposedly turned down was for less per year money than this offer sheet. (That’s assuming that the offer was ever made, and I don’t think that it ever was. I know that the Wiz offered him an extension, but it was described to me as “…similar to the Haywood deal, but for less money.” I understand that the Wiz upped the offer this summer, but I’d be astonished if they went as high as 6 years and $33 million. What I was told was that they had a price point for Jeffries that they weren’t going to exceed.)

    I know that Jeffries and his agent tried with several teams to land MLE+ deals (via sign & trade) and struck out. They tried to solicit MLE offers from other teams, and finally got Isiah to bite. I think that most teams were interested in Jeffries as a lower priced role player — they didn’t view him as someone worth the MLE.

    At this point, I’m not sure what the Wiz will do. My gut reaction when I heard the terms of the offer sheet was to say “let him go.” I’ve thought about it some more. I’d like to have him back in Washington, but I don’t think he’s worth the MLE. Nor do I think the team will use him in some ways that I think he could a) contribute; and b) be worth that kind of money. I was fairly certain they were going to match until they signed Stevenson, who would seem to take some of the minutes Jeffries had last season. Other of his minutes will go to Songaila.

    Right now with the Wizards I see a rotation of:

    Guards — Arenas, Daniels, Hayes, Stevenson
    Forwards — Jamison, Butler, Songaila, Blatche
    Centers — Haywood, Thomas, Ruffin

    Jeffries would get minutes at guard and forward. He also did spot duty at center last season — performing well enough to make me think he could be at least a semi-regular reserve center. The team’s decision-makers don’t agree with me on that one, though. Were I running the team, I think I’d match and do everything possible to deal Thomas. Honestly, I have no idea what the Wiz will do on this one.

  7. The Knicks signing Jared Jefferies to an offer sheet was a great move for the versatile Player Jefferies acquisition adds to the Knick roster. With Jefferies versatile swingman performance on court will be the mentor of what is expected from David Lee and Balkman to improve their Skillz in a uptempo system that will guide their play to the next level. Being able to repeat and give the same type of intacity that Jefferies give out on the court would be great for the Knicks Team because in the future you will see a lineup of SG-Balkman, SF-Lee, and PF-Jefferies on the court late in CrunchTime for DEFENSE purpose because they will know what to expect from each other on their DEFENSIVE positioning on the court.
    So the Jefferies, Balkman, and Lee may work out well for the Knicks Roster and success.

    The first day of the Knicks signing Jefferies the Knicks had a 20% chance of getting Jefferies.
    Now 5 days later, the Wizards signed Deshawn Stevenson to an offer sheet giving the Knicks a 60% chance of getting Jared Jefferies because they also signed Songaila. However, that does not stop Wizards G.M. Ernie Grunfield from matching Jefferies offer to make the Wizards Roster prepared for any future injuries this season.

  8. My only questions to Beech would be:

    Who is honestly comparing this guy to Ron Artest?

    Secondly, why use a pointless summer game to come to a conclusion when you have an entire college body of work that essentially tells you the exact same thing? Or you could look at the NIT and any resonably smart fan would say:

    Wow, active on defense….passive on offense.

    I would much rather have had a smart guy like Beech disect his college career to tell us the kind of player we’re getting. I think it’s a better use of his vast brain power.

    Lastly, nobody is really just like anyone else. When Beech says that Balkman isn’t the next Artest because he isn’t BUILT like him, that just rings hallow.

    I mean young Dennis Rodman was a beanpole, but the dude could defend. In fact lots of people compared Artest TO Rodman….though Rodman back then looks more like Balkman now. Any comparison to Artest would be because of a defensive inclination, not body type.

    As far as Balkman not being as active as Artest, you can’t get that off one game. For all we know Balkmans dog just died and he was sad. Why try to predict that a guys 10 year career path WON’T match another guys’ because he didn’t do jumping jacks in a silly summer game?

    Not that I’m anyone, but next time I think it would be way more interesting for Beech to take summer games and compare them to college stats to see what kind of player he is. I think we’d get a clearer picture than what this said.

  9. what the hell is this? The knicks have an endless amount of small fowards and there is no way Balkman is going to get playing time… Jalen Rose is a good offensive player…. QRich WILL NOT get traded and if they’re are spending 6 million on Jeffries how is Balkman ganna get playing time? explain this to me please

  10. With Isiah repeatedly saying that he will play an “Uptempo System” the offseason aquisition of Jared Jefferies, Balkman, and Collins fit like gloves in his criteria of an “Uptempo System”.
    C-6.11 Curry
    PF-6.11 Frye
    SF-6.11 Jefferies
    For 82 games in the 2006-7 season is a great Frontcourt line when all three Players start “MESHING” together on both sides of the court playing with a chemistry inwhich all three can be creative on the oposition.

    Adding Frontcourt Bench Players like Jerome James, David Lee, Taylor, Jalen Rose, and Balkman off the bench are a big plus.

    President/Coach Isiah Thomas biggest problem lies in his backcourt, his philosophy of Crawford or Larry Brown Philosophy of Crawford?

    Here is two reason why Crawford should Start and be the Knicks primary SG:

    One thing to take into consideration is that Isiah had envisioned Crawford to be the replacement to the great Houston. I can’t see how that should or would change. Curry and Crawford already have that bond, Marbury and Crawford has that bond.

    Bringing Crawford to New York to backup Allan Houston was a great move.
    Trading PG-Frank Williams for Crawford was a Bad move because both could’ve been a Backcourt Tandem together (Defense & Offense).

    As to Crawford at the point he cannot be a primary PG. He can do it when another ball handler is in the game. When he’s the primary the defenses just smother him and he makes a lot of mistakes. We saw it happen when Marbury went down last season. Crawford was terrible when Marbury was gone.

    It is so true, if another PG is not on the floor with Crawford then mistakes and Errors will be made when the defense presure Crawford.

    Crawford, SG Talents and Skillz is what the Knicks need on the court for 48 minutes per game.

    Not Starting the Best SG you have on the Team because of another player “EGO” and high salary should be clarified by TRADING that egotist player ASAP. Do you think that Francis want to be traded to another team without proving himself before Fans and Media that he is a “FRANCHISE” player in the “BIG-APPLE”?
    Francis have to take the backseat to Marbury at the start of this 2006-7 season, eventually this season Francis will Start, but not at the beginning of the season when Marbury & Curry have great communication and chemistry with SG-Crawford.

    Players like Q.Richardson & Malik Rose has become the 14th and 15th players on this Knick Roster with the addition of “Jefferies & Balkman”. The Knicks could afford the Rookie mistakes and the mistakes of a new teammate with the “Hustle & Bustle” they bring to the rotation on the court.

  11. Kiya

    What about that little guy “Nate” where does he fit in? Is Q-Rich really a bust? What happen to him. I remember him in college, where he domainated inside like a semi-sized-power forward at 6’5″ for the college game. At that time he never was a good 3pt shooter? Probably still isn’t?

  12. Assuming he’s healthy I’m not counting out a bit of a comeback for Q. Listen, you can’t get much from what happened last year. Brown was such an abortion that Im not certain we really know what to expect. I certainly wouldn’t use last year as an evaluation tool for any of our new guys.

    This season will be the season we know what on Earth we have….and what we don’t.

    That said, it seems like they are looking to move Q so that either tells me that they think his injury issues are going to be a constant, or they are short sighted enough to think last year meant anything. I can’t tell which is which.

    In a year where not much is expected of us Id move Rose and keep Q, even realizing that Rose is a wonderful quote mechine and perhaps THE most humorous player on the planet. Him + mic= good times.

    Nate is in a weird spot. Bigtime guard logjam and he’s a chucker who does what 3 other guards on this team already do: chuck. Eventually there will be room for him as a 6th man, but not yet, unless he took this offseason and really improved his game. Room will need to be made for him (most likely through trading Francis)

  13. “What to expect from these 2006/7 New York Knicks”

    The 2006-7 Knicks are a different club from last season 2005-6 Knick club just from the change of the personalities in the coaching staff.
    Alot of people witness this type of change in the moving market on their job when a new CEO takes over with a caring personality. Workers seemed to strive twice the effort as before.

    The Knicks are being ridicule mostly on their High Salary Cap then the type of player-roster they organized for the 2006-7 season.
    If Players like Steve Francis contract were $5 million or less per year the controversal of the Knicks backcourt would be the oposite.

    The Knicks new President/Coach will dismiss half of the Larry Brown philosophy from this Knick Team but will enhance on the positives that Larry Brown laid down but never found the suitable players to instill them in repeatedly game after game.

    Just looking at the principles of the 3 offenses that Isiah will mix together to form the basis of our new offense, its clear to me that this will be a TOTALLY different look than we’re used to.
    It employs parts of these 3 offenses, the UCLA High Post Shuffle Cut, Bob Knights passing game and Tex Winters Triangle offense. I’m actually excited to see this type of ball coming to this team. I’ve grown tired of the standing around and watching that seems to creep into our offense.

    What makes all of President/Coach Isiah Thomas Plans and system optimistic to Knick-Fans is that Isiah have the Player-Roster to make it work well from the beginning to end.
    So will the Knicks be the BIG-SLEEPER in the NBA in the 2006-7 Season? with a 6.11 Frontcourt of:
    C-6.11 Curry (Offense)
    PF-6.11 Frye (Offense/Defense)
    SF-6.11 Jefferies (Hustle Defense)
    Anything is possible depending on how well the three 6.11 Players “MESH” and adapt to President/Coach Isiah style and system.

    The Big talk of the Knicks in the offseason is mainly on the backcourt EGO players such as Marbury, Crawford, Francis, and Nate (inwhich the biggest concern to B-Ball-Fans are the co-existing High Salaries of PG-Marbury & PG-Francis. Like having Kobe & Wade on the same team.) Alot of Fans believe both Players (Marbury/Francis) will demand 30 minutes or more each game from their Coach. When I think of the situation the Knicks have in the backcourt with the Uptempo-System Isiah Thomas will demand, Marbury & Crawford will be happy to have PointFoward-Jalen Rose, SG-Crawford, and 5.9 Nate Robinson in the rotation to take alot of Slack off of them in a 48 minute game.

    It does not matter who the Knicks Starting Five Players maybe, the Knicks Bench Players seem to be the third best Bench in the league which President/Coach Isiah Thomas is posible of suprising opositions by playing his bench players as closers of each game.
    The 2006-7 season Knicks are NOT a paper-roster, especially with a couple of months left in the offseason…

    P.S. This is a matter that been discussed inside out by alot of members in EBSports from the start of the offseason with the conclusion mainly on how many reasons the Knick Players have to get on the same page with President/Coach Isiah Thomas???

  14. The Knicks will not win without playing defense. Drafting Marty Collins and Renaldo Balkman examplify this. Same with the Jefferies signing. Isiah is trying to bring a new work ethic to the team, we’ve now got alot of great role players in the future, Nate, David Lee, Balkman, Collins, some possible stars Crawford, Frye, and some washed up lazy bums who might as well never show up for games in Mo Taylor and Jalen Rose.

    To the person who said trading Frank Williams and a pick for Crawford (and Jerome Williams i might add) was a bad move, where is Frank Williams now? Nowhere he is in no training camp in the NBA, the knick made there best trade in the last 5 years with that trade.

    All i want to see this year is the Knicks play defense and rebound. Thats what Isiah is trying to do. I’m looking forward to a good season for the Knicks, but it would be better if we still had Jackie Butler, but don’t get me started on that. (We shoulda cut Mo Taylor cause his contract runs out tthis season)

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